Yearly Recap

This year is just about up, so I thought a recap was in order. Most of my writing time was actually spent editing old stories, putting together a collection that eventually became From Pillar To Post. Now, I think only eight titles actually made the final cut, but there were many others in the running. Some of these will be reworked for my next short story collection. Others are going to be put aside and later become full length novels. Even more will probably never be touched again. From Pillar To Post is short (less than two hundred pages), but it is well rounded in my opinion. There was horror, suspense, and drama. There’s so much more to come.

As for writing new things this year, production was minimal. While I did start several new stories that I intend to continue into 2016, the only one that saw completion was “SSC”, which is included within From Pillar To Post. I didn’t touch Lydia’s Shadow but twice. The first time was early on in the year, and (if I remember correctly) I wrote one or two new beginnings that were soon put aside. The second time was much more recent: last week. I have now officially begun the fourth manuscript version of this book, and I’m excited to be back at it after so much time away with short stories.

Clearly, not much was accomplished this year other than the release of From Pillar To Post. However, I have some big expectations for 2016. I will be looking hard for a literary agent, while aiming to finally complete Lydia’s Shadow. I also have several other exciting stories I will be working on in the midst of my priority novel. I may or may not doing a second volume to From Pillar To Post as well; that would really depend on how well I do getting back to my desk outside of work and the gym.

Here’s to hoping 2016 doesn’t break me down as much as 2015.


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