Kindle Singles Now Coming..

So as you may already know, From Pillar to Post is a collection of short stories I released at the end of 2015 in paperback (via This particular edition was Volume 1 in a series that will be ongoing. The idea is that a new edition will be put out at the end of each year if all goes according to plan. Each one will collect the best short stories I’ve written from that year (Volume 1 contained 8 stories out of, I don’t know, twenty or so that had been written so far). So this year, 2016, I will put out Kindle singles as I finish them, and then collect the best for a printed volume around October/November time.

However, the stories collected in Volume 1 were never released as Kindle singles. So over the next week or two, I will be releasing each on Amazon for ebook download! Two days ago, I went ahead and put up “Hey Jealousy”. Tomorrow, “The Trunk” will be available. The others will follow every day or two. Once all of them are out, the ebook version of the whole collection will also be made available.

(Seeing as “High Dive” is only two pages, it will be released coupled with “Do It for the Girls”)


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