GINA Screenplay

Gina Charter is a character I created over three years ago for the epic Lydia’s Shadow novel I’ve written multiple times over (and still have not completed). While writing the first manuscript version of this book back in 2012, I fell in love with her character and created a backstory for her. I have tried starting her novel several times since then, but the last attempt was quite a while back. I have recently returned to her backstory and started her novel again. But here’s where things have gotten really interesting on my end: I have decided to write her story as a screenplay first. The format is for 6 (one hour long) episodes with HBO in mind. Once I have completed the screenplay, I will use it as a detailed outline for the actual novelization of her story. This is the first time I’ve attempted a screenplay, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I expect to have this first episode to be finished this week sometime. The entire screenplay will hopefully be completed by mid to late March.


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