Nathaniel Lay is an up and coming writer. Since 2008, he has fed the beast through the work of music journalism, combining two of his favorite things in life. He’s contributed regularly to AMP Magazine (RIP), New Noise Magazine, Outburn Magazine, and Alternative Press over the years, and has also appeared in Hails & Horns (RIP). These days, he mostly keeps to album reviews, though there was a time he often traveled to shows and festivals, hanging out with the likes of Silverstein, Jonny Craig, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, and Every Time I Die.

Nathaniel Lay has more recently turned his focus to fictional writing since 2012, rewriting one particular novel three times over (and still perfecting upon it) in the last four years. He’s also written numerous short stories, a handful of which appeared in a collection (titled From Pillar to Post) that he self-published in December of 2015.

With 2016, he has several new stories in the works, including his novel Lydia’s Shadow, which has been in production for years.


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